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That is it is possible to consider mentality of an ethnic community in some degree as and, from here, to assume mentality of the individual that the characteristic of mentality of ethnos will be will extend and on all persons making this community.

The ethnic stereotype comprises a steady kernel, a certain complex of ideas of appearance of representatives of these people, about its historical past. Features of a way of life and so forth. Besides E.S. contains a number of changeable judgments of rather communicative and moral qualities of these people. An ethnic stereotype – reflection of past and present, negative and positive experience of relationship of the people, especially in such fields of activity as trade, agricultural, the ave.

The conflict is a social process in which the individual or the group seeks for achievement of the purposes by the submission, elimination or destruction of other individual or group aspiring to the similar or identical purposes (though it is possible to aspire to the different purposes, but for their realization to want to use the same means).

The stereotype - designates the mental education, steady, emotional by the nature reflecting some rather difficult fact of reality in the simplified form. Any noticeable line of appearance (skin color, a section of eyes) usually forms the basis of an ethnic stereotype.