An Ode To Write A Narrative Paragraph

Power of teamwork video with example

If it is simpler to speak about my frame of reference on the world, it consists in perhaps more objective analysis of all events. In total with optimism it helps to appreciate events.

Dream washing it is very simple, and it is possible, it is feasible. I dream to visit many places (including on stars) and to learn a lot of the interesting. It is dream concerning me personally. And as for all, I dream of that all people lived in the world and harmony with the nature and with with each other. Probably, big and my main dream is not feasible soon. So we are arranged.

It is possible to tell about my character two words - benevolent and quiet, though vigorous. Vigor is shown at occupation by interesting business. And I try to turn all affairs in interesting, and most often it works well.

Probably the personality at me does not differ in features. It seems to me that I am the different person. I can normally feel in any situation. It is not whimsical to comfort and usefulness of surrounding reality.

If to speak about informative traits of character, and there is a wish to speak nothing. From where I know what mind at me? Normal, me it is thought. As the fool and the full idiot of I do not consider. I am engaged in computers. It is self-critical. Most likely mind at me practical. try everything simpler and better to make. I can invent - already tried.

Ability to music is known. About genius in general I do not want to speak. From where I know there is it at me or not? Sometimes there are interesting ideas. Whether genius it? Most likely not. It is simple to find ability the way out of situation. Of course I am not a genius, differently would live on another.

As for knowledge, they of course are not enough. Now I have such period in life when only and you do every day that you gain knowledge. And the more I live, the it is more interesting to become, and there is a wish to know more.