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Only an orientation on the end result of management for the purpose of bringing of the maximum advantage to society, when using the latest technologies of human resource management (with attraction of intellectual potential labor a resource, can oyespechit the most effective management of production and the state

From group interaction Japanese business takes considerable benefit. The main, of course, this ensuring the highest level of labor discipline as it is known that discipline as integrated whole is brought up only in system of collective actions.

From short consideration of the formal rings procedure it is possible conducts that the tsiativa of decision-making most often proceeds from below (i.e. from there where is born to "ringisa", and the highest managers are, as a rule, a little competent of those specific problems which are visible and are born below). Actually the highest managing director always agrees with the made proposal, and his statement has rather ritual character especially as on the document already there are signatures of the heads located below.

The considerable contribution to cultivation of corporate spirit of firm is the organization of leisure of workers. The majority of Japanese firms practice various entertaining actions, group departures, any evenings, the organizations of family celebrations – weddings, anniversaries, joint walks promote. At the expense of firm various sports competitions, visits of theaters, mass meetings are often held. All this creates feeling of participation in firm at workers, and many do not think of the life out of its limits. Each firm considers as the foremost duty to incur certain expenses for the purpose of creation at workers of a certain spirit.

Activity of circles of quality outgrew a production framework, started getting into the sphere of everyday life. Circles" for quality" and" faultlessness" of production began to solve the problems connected with increase of "quality" and ensuring "faultlessness" of work. The zone of competence of circles joins problems of increase of labor productivity, decrease in expenses, improvement of technological processes.

Existence in group of its weak part always created the favorable atmosphere for appearance of the strong personalities capable to conduct and sponsor weak At the Japanese enterprises the working groups on 4-6 people and more function. The group of people admits at 10-20 optimum. In such group sociability of participants and their interaction when performing labor operations is provided

Preliminary discussion conducts to deepening of understanding of a problem, identification of new conditions in the form of a choice of necessary type of decisions from a set of alternatives. And in Japanese firms special attention to highlighting of all sides of a problem, consequences and the decisions made on its elimination is paid.

Lifelong hiring – it is rather a way of thinking of both parties – and employed both the employer and a way of their interaction. For example, when profits of firm fall, it can take the most different measures for decrease in costs up to reduction of dividends, but to the utmost will not dismiss workers. Lifelong hiring is characteristic only for major companies. In small firms this method, naturally, is not dominating.

At a preliminary stage there is an active preparation of conditions for achievement of a consent of all affected and interested heads, the employees, groups, divisions. Wide knowledge of average administrative structure, besides, is the additional motivating factor and bears the positive fruits at a stage of implementation of the decision.

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