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Production sites, auxiliary offices, service premises, household rooms are a part of assembly shops. The structure of sites, is defined by character of the made products a type of technological process and output. The production site serves for placement on is mute the equipment intended for performance of technological processing and assembly of products. The control department and warehouse treat auxiliary rooms. In service and household premises offices of administrative technicians, wardrobe and other settle down.

In this academic year project calculation for design of a site for production of the shirokodiapazonny generator of impulses was made. These calculations are applied to manual assembly, it is possible to apply the automated assembly to increase of production efficiency and decrease in labor input such as the soldering a wave that will increase release of products and will increase their quality.

Shop expenses include expenses on service of shop and management of it, a management personnel salary, depreciation, charges and maintenance of the building, on researches, actions for labor protection and other expenses.