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Besides, Council of HP grants permission for acquisition of real estate of citizens, recognizes creation of the organizations which are not pursuing the aims of extraction of profits and grants permission to the last for implementation of property operations.

Not for nothing call the Republic ''the museum open-air''. Streets and the areas of San Marino are decorated with numerous monuments and invaluable works of art. Often the works devoted to the subject of the world very close to San Marino, the country which more than five centuries are observed by an absolute neutrality meet.

The territory crossed by two large rivers of Auz and San Marino is covered with greens of the woods and parks which are pride of each sanmarinets. Climate soft and curative thanks to proximity of the Adriatic Sea.

In Maranello Rosso's collection Ferrari 250 car history stands out; origin, development and evolution of racing and road cars. The cars made in the single copy and prestigious prototypes are presented.

The purpose of creation of this museum, despite its limitation, documenting of aspects of human life and acquaintance of the visitor with the best parties of civil education which are the prerequisite to improvement of modern society was.

Invasion was preceded a number of the disgraceful enterprises, such as, arrest of sanmarinets in the Italian territory Romannyi, or the blocking of borders interfering deliveries of the necessary food to San Marino. The cardinal Alberoni did not manage to break it sanmarinets and he decided to use the force and occupied the territory.

At top of Mount Titano three fortresses or as still call them, towers – Guaita, Chesta and Montale who in last centuries became terrible protection of freedom and independence of sanmarinets tower. Who did not manage to break their firmness and to win these strengthenings; the careless attitude of sanmarinets towards these sights became the main enemy who led to their almost final fracture. Even district defensive walls were plundered not the stones serving on a paving of roads and construction of residential buildings.